Fascias, Soffits and Roof Repairs in York | Avoid DIY Disasters with the Help of Expert Roofing Contractors

With free advice online and a wealth of materials available, DIY fixes are a tantalising prospect for property owners in need of a cheap solution. Roof repairs performed by enthusiasts range from acceptable to poor, but even a solid grasp of roofing services won’t match the knowledge of professional roofing contractors. Property owners who understand their fascias and soffits could fix immediate problems but miss creeping issues – unlike skilled tradesmen with years behind them.

Brooks and Sons Roofing serves customers in York and the surrounding areas with a variety of domestic roofing services and commercial roofing work. We also operate a 24-hour emergency callout service to provide speedy repairs on flat and pitched roofing across the United Kingdom.

Contact us for any of the following services:

  • Commercial Property Roofing Work

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  • New Roof Installations

  • Lead Flashing Repairs

  • Roofline Services

  • Pitched and Flat Roofing Repairs

Professional Roof Repairs as a Preventative Measure

Skipping out on a commercial or domestic roofer means saving in the short-term but costs considerably more if the repairs break down. Without the guarantee that comes with a professional service, further issues can arise, resulting in major damage and a more expensive repair bill. Below we list some of the key areas an amateur could miss and explain the benefits that come from hiring a professional roofing contractor.

Your Safety in Mind

Enthusiastic property owners may be capable of performing basic roof repairs with some cursory know-how, but this ignores the risk posed by attempting repairs without the proper guidance. A slip near the roofline when dealing with fascias and soffits endangers those around you as well as the property itself. Brooks and Sons Roofing conducts thorough risk assessments in the York area, ensuring the safety of all involved before repair work begins.

Our team also comes with employers’ and public liability insurance, removing the complications associated with on-site property damage or personal injury. This enables our craftsmen to focus on performing domestic and commercial roofing services to the highest standard.

Industry Experience and Unrivalled Knowledge

Besides the replacement of cracked slates and tiles, a professional contractor looks for signs of exposed underlayment, loose fixtures and the need for lead flashing repair on pitched roofing. While enthusiasts may notice damage to the roofline – such as holes in the fascias and soffits – contractors experienced in roof repairs have a deep understanding of the materials involved. Aside from clearing and pitching your gutters to ensure an effective water flow, they can advise on the best replacement material to meet your domestic or commercial roofing needs.

Industry experience allows us to futureproof a property against leaks and moisture damage. Our roofing contractors offer customers in York and Selby an understanding of our durable replacement materials. Going it alone means your property loses out on valuable insight from our time-served professionals and may require further maintenance longer term.

Professional Care for Flat Roof Properties

Although not commonly known, flat roofs require a slope to allow for the drainage of rainwater. The low angle of the pitch means impacts can create divots in the surface, leading to standing water and a weakness in the roof. Blistering occurs when moisture sits between the membrane and the roof structure, which can result in cracks if the problem remains unchecked. In extreme cases, a domestic or commercial property roof may need complete renovation with modern materials.

Enthusiasts should never attempt the installation of a new roof as they can damage the integrity of the roof structure. We provide GRP fibreglass roofing services to customers in York. This reliable material comes with a 25-year warranty for complete satisfaction.

Affordable Repairs from a Trusted Commercial and Domestic Roofer

Brooks and Sons Roofing is a professional roofing contractor with a reputation for excellence in East Yorkshire. We provide domestic and commercial roofing work, including roof repairs and roofline repairs, with innovative materials and a customer-focused approach. From fascias and soffits to chimney repointing, our bespoke roofing solutions are guaranteed to last.

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