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When homeowners think about roof damage, they immediately consider the most obvious culprits. Falling trees, fire and even pests can all impact a roof in negative ways, meaning a call to the local roofing contractor for urgent roof repairs or new fascias and soffits. However, not all issues are as immediately clear. The effects of inclement weather can build over time, degrading the quality of the roof until the results come streaming into the home.

Property owners in Selby and East Yorkshire call Brooks and Sons Roofing for domestic and commercial roofing services to ensure these problems are solved as quickly as possible.

Below we outline the key ways in which a roof is affected by adverse conditions, so you can avoid future roofing repairs.

Severe Winds

Aside from falling trees and branches, high winds present numerous challenges, even to roofing of the highest quality. Flying debris can hit the property from all angles, leading to roofline damage on the fascias and soffits and leaving the interior exposed. High winds are known for lifting tiles and causing damage to the fixtures that hold them in place. Missing roof components spell disaster for the state of a property, so it’s important to call a roofing contractor for an in-depth inspection and services like tile replacement after severe gales.

If tiles or slates are lifted or missing, our roofing services ensure replacements are fitted before leaks occur. Protruding elements are of major concern in high winds, so we offer chimney repointing and leadwork as preventative measures.


Rain takes advantage of any weak points on the roof or along the roofline, which results in lasting damage to properties in Selby. If gutters are blocked or badly aligned, rainwater can’t flush through the downspout, causing it to pool near the fascias and soffits or run down the side of the building. Rain trapped between surfaces, such as between the tiles and chimney, may find its way into the property if flashing is absent. On flat roofs, standing water indicates a clogged outlet, and any excess must be flushed away before roof repairs are needed.

Domestic and commercial roofing should be weatherproofed quickly to prevent an outbreak of leaks. A sound, watertight roof protects the interior from rainfall, so any damage should be repaired by a trusted roofing company skilled in roofing services before possessions are ruined.


Our customers are surprised to discover the impact heat can have on a property’s roof. Curling is a common issue in slates and tiles and is caused by escaping heat from below. This reduces the bond to the underlayment and removes the protection of a waterproof outer layer. Heat also causes slight expansion and eventual contraction of the roofing materials, forming cracks in old roof tiles and displacing them from their original position. Wooden beams such as decking and rafters warp under intense heat, compromising the roofing structure – an issue easily remedied with an effective airflow.

Roofline ventilation helps to regulate the property’s temperature to ensure heat damage is minimised. Our roofing contractors check the ventilation of commercial and domestic roofing in Selby. We also offer advice to ensure all roof repairs are understood and the best solution is agreed.

Icy Conditions

Less of an issue south of Selby, heavy snowfall increases the roof weight and moisture levels. As with high winds, ice lifts slates and tiles to expose the layer underneath. Ice trapped in guttering tends to expand, producing cracks in the material. Ice dams, caused by the refreeze of melting snow, form barriers above the fascias and soffits along the roofline. This prevents snow runoff, which increases the odds of water penetration. Heavy ice dams render a guttering system useless and pose a safety risk if they physically give way.

Ice dams are prevented with a ventilated roofline and effective heat insulation. A warm loft heats the roof and the icy layers above, producing water runoff that freezes again once it hits the gutters.

We provide domestic and commercial roofing services to ensure ice dams are prevented in cold weather, keeping your property safe through the winter months. We deliver expert knowledge in our roof repairs and provide replacements using the most durable materials available. Contact Brooks and Sons Roofing for repairs and maintenance guaranteed to keep your property safe in the English weather.

Professional Services from a Trusted Roofing Company

Brooks and Sons Roofing is a reputable choice for all kinds of roofing needs. See below for some of the roofing services we deliver:

  • A 24-hour emergency callout service

  • A free, no-obligation estimate

  • 23 years of combined experience

  • Commercial and domestic roofing work

  • Repairs to pitched and flat roofs

  • Slate and tile replacements

  • Fascia, soffit and guttering maintenance

  • GRP fibreglass roofing and chimney flashing

  • Insurance repairs with public and employer’s liability

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