Fascias and Soffits in Doncaster | Signs You May Need Domestic Roof Repairs or Commercial Roofing Services

A leak in the home can ruin your possessions, cause wood rot and lead to problems with your energy efficiency. Large watermarks may indicate such an issue, but not all damage is so easy to spot. Skilled in domestic and commercial roofing services alike, our team can quickly diagnose the various problems that may need immediate roof repairs – spotting cracks, blisters and tears before they escalate. Our roofing contractors aid clients in Doncaster and the surrounding areas, ensuring all new materials, like fascias and soffits, meet a high standard.

Below, we discuss some of the signs that indicate the need for roofing or roofline repairs or a roof replacement. If you notice any of the issues below or need domestic or commercial roofers in East Yorkshire, please call Brooks and Sons Roofing. We undertake a range of repair work, including:

  • Roofline Repairs and Replacements

  • Flat Roofing Repairs

  • Lead Flashing Repairs

  • Tile Replacements

  • Roof Replacements

  • Business Roofing Repairs

Lost, Curled or Broken Shingles

There’s only so much you can see from ground level, but one thing you can do is check for signs of broken materials. When they collapse, shingles may fall away and scatter around your property. You might also notice bits of the roof caught inside the guttering system – causing further problems if left ignored.

Any damage to the pitched materials, including your fascias and soffits, could leave you needing more complex roof repairs at a later date. Calling roofing contractors to repair the problem reduces future wear so that you can spend your money on other things.

Blistering in the Flat Roof

Flat roofs can suffer from blistering, as the surface material lifts from the layer below. This can arise due to questionable workmanship, so it’s important to choose a team who can deliver professional roofing services in and around Doncaster. You may find blistering on domestic and commercial roofing alike, where warm conditions cause water vapour to rise to the surface.

Our commercial and domestic roofers provide flat roofing repairs to fix blistered roofs across the local regions. We deliver the right solutions for home and business roofing without costing the earth.

A Change in Your Energy Bills

Roof repairs do more than keep leaks at bay. Through a range of domestic and commercial roofing services, our roofing contractors also keep the heat inside the home where it belongs. This is because collapsed tiles, cracked fascias and soffits, and poor roof insulation will allow the warm air to escape. In fact, studies show that around 25% of heat escapes through the roof.

By calling our roofing company for insulation, roof repairs and new installations in the Doncaster area, you can reduce this figure to make large savings over time.

Stained Walls and Ceilings

Issues with the underlayment may allow water to enter the property. In addition, dark or unsightly stains will make your home less appealing to look at and may impact its resale value accordingly. To prevent this, be sure to call a reliable team for fast-acting repairs. As experienced roofing contractors, we perform in-depth inspections before we carry out any domestic or commercial roofing services. This means you receive the ideal repairs, fascias and soffits, or new materials needed for your home.

Tips from Domestic and Commercial Roofers | Other Signs to Look For

Other signs that you may require roofing work in the Doncaster area include:

  • Impact Damage

  • Leaks After a Storm

  • Light Inside the Loft

  • Moss Overgrowth

  • Pooling Water

  • Pest Infestations

  • Flashing Damage

  • Chimney Problems

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